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- By Chairman21 Date 06.04.18 12:49
I was at the 'Viva La Moto' expo in Madrid (5th April to 8th April 2018) and saw this new electric scooter.
Entry level model is going to be €6,000 and up to €8,000. An additional battery, for example, will be €600.
It's built in the port area of Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain. So no doubt horribly low wages will help keep cost down.

Attachment: IMG_4213.jpg (268.4k)
Attachment: 1.png (866.4k)
Attachment: 2Cockpit.png (846.4k)
Attachment: 3DriverBelts.png (867.4k)
Attachment: 4PillionBelts.png (869.8k)
Attachment: 5Speedo.png (628.3k)
Parent - By aware Date 06.04.18 13:19
Interesting and encouraging news.
However it reminds of Tata cars, quality and safety and handling concerns.
Thank you for letting us know.
Parent - By Chairman21 Date 06.04.18 13:24
What on earth reminds you of Tata cars? It still hasn't been built, the one at the show is a mock up. And it will have to pass all the usual European legislation for motorcycles.
Parent - By aware Date 06.04.18 15:45
It's just my speculation and based on how it looks. I don't wish to offend anyone at all.
Main interest is passive safety and can't explain why but this design seems much different to the really tough cage of the C1.
Other than that, the whole concept is almost a dream come true and I say this because the 2 wheels at front have issues at wet and this is coming from testimonials of 2 bikers friends of mine that own mp3's and one had a C1 200 for 100.000 kilometres...
Parent - By szecsei Date 18.04.18 10:27
I've often admired the two front wheels of the MP3-type scooters. What issues do the front wheels present? I thought their advantage was that they prevent the bike from going over in wet/icy/diesel infested conditions. Would be disappointed if this wasn't the case.
Parent By aware Date 25.04.18 11:13
IMHO the 2 thinner tyres can't deliver the same traction as one thicker tyre.
Also the how harmonically the both tyres can behave especially when cornering is surely something with no particular knowhow and experience behind.
Hence the possible reasons behind the negative comments by mp3 users.
Parent By leonm Date 25.04.18 11:29
if you are referring to pre-war Czech tatra cars, I must agree
tata cars are today up to Chinese and western standards, taking price into account
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