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- By patc50 Date 31.05.18 20:30
Paul and I are gluttons for punishment and have made the trip to the 2018 German C1 meeting in Cologne. Paul rode from Caerphilly and I rode from Nantwich, Cheshire, to meet at Harwich port for the overnight ferry to Holland. We both had rain on the way and it was quite cold at times. My bike started to play up but more of that later.
It is only 193 miles from the Hook of Holland to Cologne but it took us a gruelling 6 hours! Some 6 or 7 miles in to our journey the motorway was closed due to an accident so the motorway was gridlocked and all the surrounding roads were gridlocked too. It took us nearly 2 hours to find a way past it. Then it started to rain - not just rain, this was rain of biblical proportions! And my windscreen wipers packed up! The rain was so heavy we pulled up on the side of the motorway and sat it out. Eventually we got going again and the trip to the hotel was then fairly straight forward.
My bike problems - I was getting some intermittent stalling which, when we arrived at the hotel was diagnosed by Detlefh (a C1 magician) as air leaking past the injector. He fixed it for me in a couple of minutes. The windscreen wiper is an odd one as it only happens when it there is very heavy rain - the wipers will only go on ‘intermittent ‘ and the speedo stops working. When it dries out it’s all back to normal. I will have to sort that one when I’m back in the UK.
We’ve had a nice meal this evening and had a good chat with some friends old and new - Brexit is a good conversation piece!  It’s an early start tomorrow as our tour starts at 8.15 which, for us retired folk is the middle of the night.

Parent - By Gerard Date 31.05.18 21:33
Hey Pat

Sorry to hear about the troubles but you are in the right place for a diagnosis.

Keep us posted with the trip details, it is great to hear the adventures .

Parent - By patc50 Date 01.06.18 16:49
We were all woken at about 4.30 this morning by the mother of all thunderstorms - huge claps of thunder and lightning that seemed to burn your eyeballs! The storm was accompanied by torrential rain so the tours, due to start at 8.15, were postponed until 10.00 am - a much more sensible time.
Paul and I were on a local tour that was shortened because of the late start and the rain...... but my bike problems started again. The previous evening Detlef had fixed the injector air leak and all seemed to be well. However, after a few miles in to the tour my bike began to stall again. In fact, we were negotiating a series of downhill, extreme hairpin bends and my bike stalled on every bend leaving me with no power to negotiate the bends. It was so serious that I decided to leave the tour and go back to the hotel. I told the tour leader then set my sat nav for the hotel and found my way back.
I had a quiet day at the hotel but found a nice restaurant for lunch. When people arrived back I found Bob (Variobob) and asked for his help. As Paul and I were waiting by my bike for Bob, a Swiss guy, Kurt, came over - he had worked on C1s professionally for 10 years. He had a Cmon tool so plugged it in and said that my speed sensor was faulty - Helmethair commented on this in a post above. I told Kurt that I knew it was faulty and told him that it affected the speedo and the wipers but he said that the sensor also sends a signal to the ECU to help maintain the idling. With this in mind, Bob disconnected my speed sensor, I went for a ride and it stalled. He then took the speed sensor off his bike and temporarily fixed it to mine and I went for a ride ...... no problems at all. Fingers crossed that it’s fixed the problem but time will tell. At the moment I have Bob’s speed sensor on my bike and he hasn’t got one! I’m sure we will sort something out.
Paul carried on with the tour and reported back that it was a good day but the rain rather spoiled it. It’s supposed to be drier tomorrow.
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 01.06.18 17:24 Edited 01.06.18 17:54
Parent - By patc50 Date 01.06.18 20:15
Hi HH, thanks for the info - appreciated. My bike is not ABS and although Bob has a spare rear sensor, as you say, they are not interchangeable. Hopefully will get it sorted before tomorrow’s tour.
Parent - By alunt Date 02.06.18 09:45
Well done for enduring all the conditions and problems Pat and Paul. A proper adventure! I’ve tried again recently to use a rear sensor on the front, but there’s no way you can do it that I can see. Just swapping the plug wasn’t enough for some reason.

I have a C1 currently which doesn’t idle very well, but it has a new front sensor and new injector seal. I wonder if a dodgy rear sensor would cause the problem, the rear ABS is dodgy, so I’ll investigate.

Hope you get back on the road today Pat
Parent - By patc50 Date 02.06.18 21:20
Thanks Andrew, appreciated. The poor idling you mention may be due to an old software version(ECU), something I learned today!
Variobob sorted out my speed sensor problem so I was back on the road with a fully functioning C1 in time to go on the tour today. (I will write a separate post about my bike problems and the eventual fix, as it is slightly unusual and may benefit others.)
I’m not sure where we went on the tour but we went through forest areas with nice roads and gorgeous scenery. We had stops for coffee, lunch and afternoon tea (okay, Paul and I had afternoon tea, the Germans had coffee).  The weather was much better today, one slight shower and that was when we were stopped for coffee.  The sun came out so it was riding with no jacket and, being Germany, no helmet! 
An Italian guy, Marco, joined us today - he works in the Netherlands and rides a C1. Paul and I spent some time chatting to him and he stayed for the evening meal. He had a few technical questions about his C1 and Paul kindly spent some time with him helping with his bike.
The location of the 2019 meeting has been announced and it is in the north west of Germany, just above Holland. It’s probably closer to the UK than this years meeting.
Paul and I will start our way home tomorrow. We will go round Cologne on the motorway, then switch to ordinary roads for some or all of the rest of the journey. We will get the overnight ferry to Harwich then go our separate ways to home.


Parent - By Gerard Date 04.06.18 08:11
Hi Pat

You appear to have had an eventful trip, hope the ride home went well.

It is really annoying when bike issues happen, but sometimes they also add to the spice. I head out most Sundays with a bunch of bikes for a breakfast run, we will often have minor technical issues which often produce amazingly inventive fixes. This Sunday we had 3 bikes with issues, all annoying but they make the stuff of stories and general leg pulling for weeks to come.  There is always the classic group of bikers clustered around the misbehaving bike offering various degrees of 'helpful' suggestions, while the owner investigates. The good thing is that no one is left stranded, everyone helps and usually we get going again to laugh about it later.

Parent - By p.gill Date 04.06.18 12:18
Hi C1ers
Have just arrived home from the Treffen , after a six hour ride from Harwich, a total door to door of 1080 miles,
As always a marvellous event and am getting to know more C1 owners.
Pat is a wonderful riding companion and we had a great time together, yesterday on the way to the ferry we stopped at Arnhem to visit the war grave cemetery and museum.
Next years Treffen is closer still to the Hoek of Holland about 175 miles, not quite sure of the location, so make a note!
I did intend to make a note of my total mpg, however 454 miles was as far as I recorded, up to that point I did 84 mpg, which includes the two hours spent in gridlocked Rotterdam as Pat has mentioned !
Parent By patc50 Date 04.06.18 14:46 Edited 04.06.18 15:06
Hi Gerard - as you say, bikers are a helpful lot and I certainly wasn't left stranded - lots of input and some strokes of genius got me home safe and sound.
Following on from what Paul said, we had a good trip home.  Yesterday we did about an hour of German motorway and then took to the ordinary roads to Arnhem where we visited the war cemetery, had a spot of lunch and then went to the Airborne Museum.  Well worth a visit if you're in the area.  We got to the Hook of Holland by about (euro time) and had boarded the ferry by about 8.00 pm with sailing at 10.00 pm.
An early start this morning and with a couple of stops I was back in Nantwich by 1.15 pm.  As my speedo and odometer played up during the trip any mileage figures will not be accurate but it would be similar to Paul's mileage.
As always, Paul was the perfect travelling companion - calm, knowledgeable and a good sense of humour.  And as Paul says, next years meeting is even closer!!


Parent By variobob Date 04.06.18 20:06
To be honest: the Brexit Boys did a great job in behaving as true Europeans! We had a good time, again. Next year, 2019, it will be organised in The North of Germany in a holiday resort that has an all inclusive character. All drinks, if not too alcoholic, are included in the price (that I did not find yet). The website is airborne already, but still in German. If you visit it on a pc you can click on the right button of your mouse and in most internet browser you will be offered a translation into your own language. The address of the website:

The exact location of the hotel/resort:

26434 Hohenkirchen/Wangerland, Jeverschestrasse 100

Hope to see you again / for the first time in 2019!


Parent - By HelmetHair Date 05.06.18 17:54
Parent By patc50 Date 05.06.18 18:18
Hi Hh, I will write up the faults (there were 2) and the fixes in a day or two and post it in the Faults and Fixes section of the Forum ...... hope it's worth the wait :-)

Parent - By patc50 Date 06.06.18 14:54
Now posted in Faults and Fixes section.

Parent - By HelmetHair Date 06.06.18 16:01
To be honest, I was expecting a cunning temporary repair rather than just using a new sensor!
Glad you got back safely.
Parent - By patc50 Date 06.06.18 17:27
Sorry to disappoint :-)

It was the link between the speed sensor and engine idling that was a revelation to me.

Parent - By aware Date 06.06.18 17:50
Really useful information. Thank you.
Parent By RingKing Date 08.06.18 07:21 Edited 08.06.18 08:02
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