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- By mellingford Date 18.07.18 15:04
I all can some one tell me if the cam chain tensioner is spring loaded or have I lost the spring can't see spring in parts diagram,so mabey tensioner bolt part is jammed in,If I look down bolt can see ball bearing cheers
Parent - By p.gill Date 18.07.18 16:32 Edited 18.07.18 16:56
The chain tensioner is a self contained unit with a spring and ball bearing, the whole unit should side easily in the cylinder head, when the tensioner is empty of oil you can compress it when in use it fills with oil, the ball bearing keeps the oil in and compressing it becomes more difficult.  By pulling back the plastic rail away from the chain it should lift the tensioner as well.

Parent By mellingford Date 19.07.18 14:19
Thanks for that Paul.For some reason the smaller cylinder has backed right back into the bigger cylinder,having a nightmare pulling small cylinder back out,Don't think it was like that when I dismantled timing chain,Think its compressed back over lip and can't seem to budge it,may have to get new one.Cheers
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