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- By Biker0101 Date 31.07.18 20:52

I have a C1 200 Executive which I bought in around 2002 (if that is roughly the year they came out). I rode it for a couple of years and then left it in the garden for 14 years ish! I am keen now to renovate it and then possibly sell it (if I don't fall in love with it again). So a couple of quick questions:-

1. I will not do the renovation myself so does anyone recommend a good garage - I am London based,

2. I need to get it started if that is possible and have the battery still which I took out of the bike but I can not get into the battery compartment at the back to reinstall it. The slightly rusty key is not properly engaging with the lock - any thoughts on how I can get into the battery area without breaking the lock?

3. Any other thoughts re what I should do in order to get her started. Assume I might need to remove any old petrol and refill?

As you can probably tell I know nothing about the mechanics of bikes and all advice welcome!

Many thanks Mel PS amazingly after all those years the tyres are still pretty well inflated!
Parent By HelmetHair Date 31.07.18 21:51
I've sent you a pm. But basically if you use a garage it will cost more than the bike Is worth.
Is the battery ok? I'd be surprised
Any pics of the bike to get an idea of condition? Probably needs new brake pads, rear shock absorbers, possibly front, new tyres if old ones in the sun, new petrol. Oil change of course. Maybe new water pump.
BMW garage prices will be huge. £2,000?
Independent garage might be £1000
Parent - By alunt Date 01.08.18 10:08
If it’s been out in the garden for 14 years there will be a huge amount of work to do on it I suspect. The good news is there’s not a lot to rust on these bikes but the engine pivot area and any ABS tray will need checking carefully, they do rot. The front forks will probably need repainting while they’re out of the bike.
With new petrol, oil and battery you might find it starts quite easily.

If you’re just renovating it to sell you’re likely to be out of pocket, but you will have saved another C1! It really needs to go to someone who just renovates them as a hobby, I fall into that small category of strange individuals.
Parent By aware Date 03.08.18 16:59
I would worry about possible wear in rubber hoses like for gas and coolant.
These can simply lead to underperformance but also to hazardous driving.
Parent By HelmetHair Date 07.08.18 12:52
What have you decided to do?
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