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- - By alunt Date 02.12.18 21:19
If anyone is struggling to get a seat belt to pull out due to an over sensitive locking mechanism, a repair is possible. I have a 50 k mile C1 and it was a pain to get the seat belt inertia reel mechanism to release when trying to put it on. Today I managed a fix which others may want to consider.
First pull out the offending belt and plug it into its buckle, then remove the battery and battery box, then you can see the reels. The left side belt was faulty on mine. Undo the large Allen head bolt for the offending reel and turn it 90 degrees to extract it, you may have to release some zip ties on the wiring loom or even remove the ecu to create space to remove the reel. Clamp the belt to the reel, release the belt buckle and pull the reel far enough out of the bike to work on it.
Next, remove the plastic cover from the side of the reel where the ratchet is located, that’s the side where you can see teeth on the edge of the reel. To remove the cover, tap the pins out of the clips which hold it on, from the inner side of the reel. Remove the cover and you may find the hole in it which the spindle rides in has worn oval. You can either drill it round and create a collar to fit over the spindle and inside the hole snuggly, or like me, replace the cover with one from a spare damaged reel / spare reel from the right hand side. Then do the reverse to complete the job. My belt now works perfectly! It took a couple of hours but will save at least a minute every time I put the belt on!
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 02.12.18 21:45
Brilliant. Thanks!
I swapped one over with this problem, but kept the old one.
If I need another I now know what to do!
Parent - - By patc50 Date 03.12.18 17:57
Hi Andrew - is this repair in preparation for a trip to Germany in June by any chance? :)  :)
Parent - By alunt Date 04.12.18 21:19
No, this is the latest project, which is now complete. I’m just riding it locally to check for any other niggles, but after a few months of doing that I think it’s spot on now.

The 26k mile silver 200 is the one for Holland/ Friesland. I need to sort out a small oil leak, maybe put in a new thermostat and timing chain, check the valve clearances and give it a good service, then it’s good to go. I need to register for the trip as well!
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Seat belt repair

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